Which owner is fit for a Dobermann?

You decided to take a dobermann. To be sure you made the right choice and you will not regret your decision later on, please have a look at the information below.  



The Dobermann belongs to the large breeds. This means you can pet your Dobermann on the head while standing straight. So a Dobermann is pretty large. The wither height determines how large a dog is. It is measured on a standing dog from the ground up to the top side of the shoulder blades. The wither height of a Dobermann bitch is 63-68cm and a stud 68-72cm.



Originalle a Dobermann is bred as a guarddog. This quality is still standing strong in the Dobermann population. As a consequence a Dobermann will bark when he hears strange noises or sees strangers walking around your house. They are one of the first to know when something is off. The barking can be considered a burden to some people. With adequate training this barking can be toned down. Remember that this is a personality that comes with a Dobermann. It is an instinctive reaction.



The Dobermann is a fierce dog. They show their personality through their facial expressions, elegant posture, stubborness and determination. They are brave and very smart (ofcourse you have to be when you are a guarddog). A Dobermann thrives best with an owner who has experience in training dogs, is consistent and knows what he wants to accomplish with his dog. This is because a Dobermann will not obey easily. He will Always keep searching the limits and keep testing his owner. In the Netherlands we have a saying ‘You give them a finger and they will take your whole hand’. In an unexperienced family situation this can totally get out of hand when the Dobermann does not see the owners as his superiors in rank. Also boredom can lead to behaviour issues. For example your Dobermann could decide to demolish your favourite pare of shoes. That is why we always recommend to follow a puppyclass and subsequent obidience training. See Dogsport if you want to know more options for obidience training suited for Dobermanns. Another way to try to prevent boredom is plenty of excercise. At least 1 hour a day walking, hiking or biking should get you very far.



The Dobermann does not need a lot of grooming. Their coat is very short and excists only of a topcoat. This means a Dobermann is not suited for living outdoors. The coat does not need to be brushed. A bath once every few weeks of months should be enough to keep the coat healthy, clean and shining.

What you do need to do is t deflea and deworm your Dobermann. The coat might be short, it is still long enough for flees and ticks to get comfortable. Please ask you vet for advise on different medications. Also look at A puppy at home, do you know what to do? for more advise on deworming and defleaing.



The Dobermann is a relatively healthy breed. There are a few heriditary conditions you should be aware of. For more information about specific heriditary conditions please have a look at Health. Cruciate ligament injury is also a condition for which the Dobermann is moderately sensitive. Cruciate ligament injury occurs when a dog makes a sudden turn with his knee. The condition can be operated, but it could always stay a soft spot for new injuries. If the cruciate ligament ruptures, there is a high risk the cruciate ligament of the opposite knee will also rupture later on in life.

Please ask the breeder if he expects these conditions to occur. The Kennelclub has rules to prevent and reduce the appearance of heriditary conditions. Litters mentioned on the website of the Kennelclub, can be trusted. On our website under About us you can read more on ‘Our vision’ and our policy on these conditions. At Our dogs you can read more about all the healthchecks of our dogs.


Taking a Dobermann is a big dicision that should not be taken lightly. Especially if you never had one before. Another aspect of taking a Dobermann are the Expenses. Ofcourse we hope you still stand with your dicision on taking a Dobermann. Please contact us if you have any questions.